Smart Utilities Management Platform

We are working with construction/property management companies and helping them with our electricity, gas and water metering solution.

We have over a million meter installations for about 45 city municipalities, towns, companies/parks, and apartment complexes. Our customers are finding us to be of great value, that’s why we never lost a single customer.

Utilities Metering Solution:

Monitor and manage electricity, gas, and water consumption per unit/apartment/house/condo, and billing, at your fingertips through mobile notifications and Apps.

Advantages for consumers and management :

  • Saves money by helping better usage patterns of electricity, gas and water
  • Improves visibility and convenience
  • Accurate billing: Eliminates estimated billing and potential disputes
  • Provides real-time alerts

Our secure private cloud, which is a mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) platform, provides the services to which the meters are connected securely . Users and managers have accounts which can be accessed on a desktop, a laptop, a tablet or through their mobile phone app.


In a connected world our data and privacy can be compromised as easily as being connected

Making Internet of SECURE Things: Our primary goal is to provide a secure end to end IoT solution. Whether it be design, deployment or custom engineering services we strive to provide the best solution that you can get in the market. We also make the solution state of the art and leave the future options for scalability and expansion. This saves a lot of trouble and operational costs in the long run.

Industry Experts have been saying that we are headed into a IoT nightmare as far as cybersecurity is concerned. It is good to have things connected, but security shouldn’t take a backseat to functionality. We fill in the important gap of evaluating, securing, and certifying a secure IoT system for you and your customers.

Our MonGuard Platform provides a secure, convenient cloud-based monitoring and work order management system. It provides easy dashboards to visualize all your devices along with the security conformance of the system in real-time. MonGuard LLC's flexible highly standardized IT Infrastructure services and framework boosts performance and reduces costs, improves quality of service with greater uptime and availability.

Our other services include:

Work Order Processing (Field Service)

Improve your mobile service operations: Deliver connected, intelligent, more personalized service in the field with MonGuard Work Order System.

It reduces operational costs and reduces time to install, maintain and operate.

About 45 cities and companies have been using our solution for about 6 years. They love our platform.

  • Streamlines Installation and Service Processes.
  • Improves productivity of your field crew.
  • Eliminates double entry and improves real time visibility.
  • Creates and automates work orders from any case.
  • Schedules and assigns work intelligently, automatically and quickly.
  • Manages jobs from any mobile device - both scheduling and completing orders.
  • Provides GPS coordinates of work sites, gives optimal routes to them.
  • Helps make smarter decisions.

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