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MonGuard's expertise is in cloud, mobile, software development and deployment. We provide end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and are involved in cybersecurity aspects, where security isn't an afterthought. Our MonGuard IoT platform software does Device Monitoring, Work Order Processing, while providing a Secure Platform for IoT devices and appliances. The MonGuard platform software is currently used by 40 plus cities and towns, and some corporations. MonGuard is a privately held company based near Dallas, Texas.

Our Mission and Motivation

Our company is built on the foundation of honesty, integrity and hard work. Our motto is to provide the highest quality we can at the lowest cost possible to our customers there by providing the utmost in value. We achieve this by using the latest technological innovations available. Also we treat our customers like the way we would like to be treated by others. This reflects in our commitment to our customers. We do our very best by first being timely and responsive, then by striving to provide the utmost in service and quality.

As technologists the founders strongly believe that science and technology should be for the benefit of all. That bringing technological innovation for bettering processes, products and services will benefit everyone. And that providing a high value product or service would be good for business and will be appreciated by our customers.

Our Value Proposition

MonGuard's Value Proposition

To deliver a better value a IoT platform needs to provide not only the traditional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) but also other services that reduce the operational costs.
Work order processing and cybersecurity are two such integrated features of MonGuard that reduce operational costs and improve ROI.

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MonGuard LLC
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MonGuard LLC @ Swensa.com
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MonGuard Pvt. Ltd.
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