Digital Transformation

Helping businesses streamline business software processes

MonGuard LLC is driving the digital transformation. With new technologies, software tools and platforms the digital world is transforming quite rapidly. With that a lot of older business models are being replaced by new and innovative ones. MonGuard rides these technological wave to bring business transformation for our clients.

We are currently helping our customers with these set of services:


Cyber threats are pervasive and ever evolving. The challenges are constantly morphing. And the attacks always high and constant. When a security breach occurs it can lead to data theft or damage to the system.

This can lead to huge loss of revenue, business and goodwill. A lot of companies have not been able to withstand such a blow to a business. Some survived with a lot of losses.

MonGuard through its partnership with Aggi LLC is helping our clients proactively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber risks and threats. We have a comprehensive solution to provide, which is integral to our solutions.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Helping businesses achieve that vital network connectivity in a connected world

MonGuard LLC's flexible highly standardized IT Infrastructure services and framework boosts performance and reduces costs, improves quality of service with greater uptime and availability.

Our services include:

Big Data & Analytics

MonGuard Big Data & Analytics services and solutions help transform your organizational data into actionable intelligence that aid in making fact based business decisions. Our solutions allow your organization to understand your customers better, respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and ultimately transform your organization into a data-driven enterprise by leveraging our advanced business intelligence services.

Our services that allow you to transform the data are:

  • Business Intelligence.
  • Advanced Analytics.
  • Big Data.

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Machine Learning as a service (MLaaS)

Artificial Intelligence can help give insights into your data

Machine Learning as a service is an broad definition of automated and semi-automated cloud platforms that cover most infrastructure issues such as data pre-processing, model training, and model evaluation, with further prediction. Prediction results can be bridged with your internal IT infrastructure through REST APIs.

Along with our partner companies we provide you with all the latest technologies that are available. We cannot be left behind in the dust by our competitors.

Our services include:

Business Application Development

Custom Application Development requires domain-expertise, in-depth technical skills, established infrastructure, and IT operational support. With our qualified and certified developer base, infrastructure, and state-of-the art development workbenchs, MonGuard deploys a development factory approach to ensure standardization and offer cost-effective and innovative application development and maintenance solutions aligned to customer business needs.

We have delivered multiple projects in various technologies using Waterfall, Iterative, Agile and hybrid methodologies. Our core set of services include:

  • Application Development.
  • Application Management.
  • Application Transformation.

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Real-time monitoring of thousands of devices wherever their locations are one of the basic features of the MonGuard platform. All shown on maps at various scales. A wide range of standards and protocols are supported by the platform; Both customized and open standard based connectivity.

Cyber Security

One of the primary objects of the MonGuard platform is security. Through alerts and indicators, and constant monitoring and security analysis, the platform guards against cyber attacks, and closes such vulnerabilities. Security analysis is a proactive approach to providing a secure system.


MonGuard platform facilitates connection of any type of sensor to the system very quickly. The platform makes secure connections to the security enabled devices or the gateways that are connected to the devices. It provides process transparency right up to the equipment level.

Field Service

Servicing IoT devices spread over a large geographical area can be a challenge. A quick notification to the crew of a faulty device helps the crew fix the problem quickly before any significant damage or loss in productivity happens. Multimedia enabled work orders are filed from the field as the installation and maintenance is being done, eliminating paper work.


MonGuard provides the ability to create reports, graphs, dashboards that give process transperancy. The ability to manage processes rather than merely devices. The framework allows for easy extensions, some without any knowledge of programming. It uses an easy extensible API for application integration.


The data collected from devices can be processed by any number of algorithms and tools in the way that facilitates insight into the system and to squeeze out the maximum utility of any device. The modular architecture of MonGuard allows easy plug-in of analysis and AI tools as required.