Our platform fecilitates a rapid development and deployment of a lot of solutions. The managed cloud solutions can be made available even as the hardware prototype devices are being developed. Making a mature, mission-critical solution to be available very quickly.

Rapid Prototyping

Bring mission-critical solutions to market quickly

Make MonGuard an integral part of your development and deployment stragegy.

It is not just enough to find a technical partner to bring your idea to the market. When the solution is introduced to the market it should be both timely and mature. MonGuard helps achieve those criteria. It also provides additional value to the solution.

Cost effectively bringing solutions to the market has a business advantage. The solution is more mature when the critical parts of it can be visualized as quickly as possible. MonGuard provides this by building the mobile and business apps sometimes even before the hardware and network prototypes are ready.

Our simulators provide the data necessary to the apps that are representative of what the deployed sensors and devices would send when deployed. When the sensors and devices are ready, they apps just switch from the simulated data to actual data. This makes the solution to be developed in parallel and synchronized; Allowing both the high-level and low-level to interact from the early stages to bring maturity to the product when deployed in the field.

Using our decades of industry experience and expertise MonGuard can help you overcome the challenges of bringing IoT solutions quickly to the market.

We are capable of providing:

  • Customized business soluton:You can create any new, novel business solutions.
  • Quick TAT: Our turnaround time for prototype, implementation, deployment is short.
  • End-to-End IoT solutions: From devices, to cloud, connected to mobile apps.
  • A managed cloud solution is critical part of product/solution in action.
  • Tandem development makes for a mature, mission-critical solution.
  • Mobile platform and business apps developed along with hardware prototypes.
  • Simulation data replaced with actual data when sensors and devices are ready.
  • Maturity and Time to Market: Maturity of the product/service can be high and quick to market.

We are working with manufacturing companies in bringing their ideas to market, solving the business challenges and we have gained significant domian expertise by doing so.

Smart and secure platform to implement innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications for managing devices and connected things.

MonGuard's Value Proposition

To deliver a better value a IoT platform needs to provide not only the traditional supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) but also other services that reduce the operational costs.
Work order processing and cybersecurity are two such integrated features of MonGuard that reduce operational costs and improve ROI.